October 26, 2021

Fixes and improvements

  • Published a blog post on how to use PG_NOTIFY to handle events with Twilio syncs.
  • Added support for using Airtable table_id and field_id as Postgres table and columns names. Using this setting will make your database less readable directly, but will mean that code connected to your database will be resilient to table/field name changes. Send us a note for early access.
  • User experience improvements and bug fixes when connecting a self-hosted database.
  • Improved the organization of our docs by listing playbooks alongside their associated source.
  • Fixed issues with connecting to Stripe using OAuth.

October 12, 2021

Fixes and improvements

  • Published a tutorial on how to use Twilio syncs with Retool
  • Published a blog post about how we dog food our Stripe sync
  • Fixed login and sign-up jitters in the header
  • Improved the self-checkout page
  • Improved our landing page copy and images
  • Improved the /wait endpoint by dropping the kind parameter
  • Introduced graduated pricing for Airtable syncs

September 28, 2021

Twilio as a new Sequin source

Sync Twilio

Twilio is now ready for syncing! We'll sync messages, phone calls, and recordings right to your production database. Integrate faster by using SQL or your favorite ORM to work with all your conversation data. Learn more in our docs.

User management

You can build faster when everyone on your dev team has a Sequin account. Team members can set up new syncs (eg., developer databases), edit existing syncs, or pull up credentials for their database or /wait endpoint. We've supported teams since we launched, you just needed to ask us to merge your team together into the same organization. Now, you can do this all on your own! Just click on the "Users" tab and you can invite and manage the users on your team.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added support for Stripe OAuth
  • Added self-checkout
  • Added ORMs and the /wait endpoint to the connect modal
  • Added ORMs, self-hosted databases, and the /wait endpoint to our docs
  • Added platform specific sources pages to the website
  • Improved the sign-up survey
  • Improved the experience for setting up self-hosted databases

September 14, 2021

Shopify as a new Sequin source

The /wait Endpoint

With the /wait endpoint, we're completing the write story for new sources like Stripe, Close, and Shopify. (Airtable already supports writes via our special Airtable proxy.)

We advocate for a one-way data flow: data flows from the upstream platform to your Sequin database. You read from your database, but write changes back to the upstream API. Those write changes you made will flow down to your Sequin database for you to read again.

Sometimes, you want your code to read from your database right after making a change via the API. But there's a race condition: it can take a second or two for that change to propagate to your database.

So, to ensure a recent write – like a new Shopify order – has been synced to your database, you'll call our /wait endpoint. /wait returns a 200 ok only after we've confirmed that your database is up-to-date and in-sync with Shopify.

Close is generally available

Close is now generally available as a new source! Sync all your leads, contacts, and opportunities right to your production database.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added support for Airtable thumbnails.
  • Added a real-time backfill progress indicator for new syncs.
  • Added a trial duration banner to the console.
  • Added automated trial expiration notifications.
  • Added an option to halt syncs when an associated view has a conflict.
  • Improved the sources section of our website.
  • Improved navigation in our docs.
  • Switched to flat rate pricing with 14-day trial period.

August 31, 2021

Shopify as a new Sequin source

Shopify and Close integration

Our support for Shopify and Close is in closed alpha! If you'd like early access, send us a note. They'll be public soon.

With our Shopify sync, all your customers, products, and orders replicate to Postgres in real-time. Build new front-ends, internal tools, and more on your Shopify data using SQL or your favorite ORM.

Close is a popular CRM (we use it here at Sequin!) Just enter your Close API key and we'll begin syncing your contacts, leads, and opportunities right to your database. Having your CRM data in your database makes it easier to automate your pipeline, analyze sales, and build internal applications for sales and marketing.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added foreign key support for Stripe.
  • Added a sources section to our website.
  • Improved voting for next Sequin sources.
  • Renamed "Optimize sync" to "Turbo sync" for Airtable – it's more accurate.
  • Improved onboarding by adding helpful emails.
  • Improved the Stripe schema used by Prisma. We shortened/cleaned-up names for backrefs and forwardrefs.
  • Added this changelog to our website :)