Our pricing is designed so you can start using a real-time sync for free.
Then as you grow, you’ll only pay for the rows that we sync.




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2 syncs
5K monthly active rows
25K monthly proxy writes
ORM support
3 collaborators
Sync to any Postgres database
1 dedicated worker per sync
Free syncs pause after 7 days of inactivity
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Then pay as you grow

Unlimited syncs
10K monthly active rows + additional use
Unlimited proxy writes
ORM support
Unlimited collaborators
Sync to any Postgres database
Auto scaling sync workers
SSH tunneling
Never pauses
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Pay as you grow

Simple usage-based pricing means you pay just for the data we sync for you. As you scale, the price you pay per row decreases.

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Monthly active rows (MAR)Price per additional 1K MAR
First 10KFree
10K → 100K$4.00
100K → 1M$1.00
1M → 10M$0.45
10M → 100M$0.17
100M → ∞$0.04